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Student Activities


This is a great resource if you're stumped on a math or science question.  They are available from 6:00-8:00 PM CST.
Drama Club
Drama Club is an organization dedicated to the arts. Two performances are put on each year. Its mission is to share the love of theatre and performance and cultivate it within the youth. This program strives to foster self-confidence, teamwork, communication, and responsibility.
Coach: Miss Bell
Skills: Acting, memorization

East Porter County Schools Honor Society
EPCS Honors Society is a selected group of individuals dedicated to the community. Led by student actions, this organization participates in charity works such as food and blood drives. This program strives to foster communication, teamwork, responsibility, and fellowship.
Leader: Mrs. Hunsley & Mr. Schwartz
Skills: Leadership

Poms Dance Team
The purpose of the Kouts High School Poms Dance Team is to perform at major athletic events and parades in the area, to help promote school spirit wherever needed in the school and community, and also to develop self-discipline in young adults so that they may become more responsible.
Coach:  Mrs. Dick
Skills:  Athletic

Science Club
Science Club is a club dedicated to the exploration of science. This organization explores the ins and outs of various sciences through hands-on experiences. This program strives to foster creativity, communication, hard work, teamwork, and responsibility among high school students.
Leader: Mrs. Clinkenbeard
Skills: Sciencey stuff

Spell Bowl
Spell bowl is an organization dedicated to enhancing vocabulary and spelling in competition. Their mission is to widen the range of vocabulary for high school students and encourage competitive spirit within a controlled environment. This program strives to foster communication, leadership, self confidence, and responsibility.
High School Coach: TBD
Middle School Coach:  TBD
Skills: Spelling, Memorization

Student Council
Middle School Leader:  Mr. Tucker
High School Leader:  Mrs. Heinold